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elfrida photo group

Chiricahua National Monument in layers


Ray O'Neal & Merybeth Webster

Chief planners of the Elfrida Photo Group


Elfrida Photo Group Meeting

Courtesy of ABoss

Elfrida Photo Group is sponsored by the Sowing Wellness/Sembrando Salud Project of the Elfrida branch of Chiricahua Community Health Centers (CCHCI).  Research credits the groups formed including exercise, yoga, healthy-eating, creative writing, community garden and the photo group. Visit for more information about the programs available .

The web page was created and maintained by Quiet Country Creations (QCC) and is not affiliated with CCHCI.


Group Meeting (12/07/2009) Marybeth and Jean discussing a photo attachment problem in email. Courtesy of Aboss)

Marybeth's companion.  (Courtesy of Marybeth)

("You make the Pac-man go around eating those little dots....)  Really it is a LCD picture viewer that Leslie brought in for setup assistance.

Courtesy of Aboss