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This is a list of the handouts we have used at our meetings.  To order a copy of any handout, email  QCC@VTC.NET, give the title needed and I will email you a Word file of the handout.  NOTE:  These handouts have been written for use with WindowsXP.  VISTA and Windows7 have similar functions but you should check your OS/Computer Owner's Manual.  Other handouts will be emailed to all members as they become available.  We are also looking for suggestions on topics you want to see.

OPENING A ZIP FILE > Step-by-step instructions on opening and installing ZIP files.

BASIC PC SHORTCUT KEYS > List of shortcut keys and their functions.

CREATE YOUR FIRST PHOTO STORY > Using Photostory 3 to make interesting slide shows.

IMAGE EDITORS > Short discussion on several popular image editors.

WINDOWS REVISITED > General computer functions for file manipulation

APERTURE/EXPOSURE SETTINGS > Simple explanation of the two most complicated photography functions.

YOU'VE COMPLETED YOUR PHOTO SHOOT - WHAT'S NEXT? > Setting up picture folders, labeling files, backup of picture files.

TRANSFER OF FILES FROM CAMERA TO COMPUTER > Uploading to computer using Windows Scanner/Camera Wizard.

BASICS OF TAKING A PICTURE > Composition and general rules to follow

Subject: Photo Shoot on 05/24/2010

Hello fellow group members,
Just to hash over the shoot.  It will be in Naco starting at Ft Newell/Camp Naco.  The fort ended up with two names.  After the fort we can shoot the downtown area and cannot accidently end up in Mexico. (LOL)
Linda gave me the release forms that everyone has to complete and sign so Sembrando Salud is not responsible for our expenses or accidents.  A reminder that you should have a walking stick when we go on these shoots or other protection due to the possibility you may see snakes or other creepy-crawler critters.  I guess we need to find someone that can tell the group what to do when faced with a sudden rattling noise.  I do have a concealed weapon permit and will have a .357 maggie I carry loaded with snake loads.
Lunch:  Need an input for lunch.  We can bring our own (picnic style), go to the Golf Course which has good burgers, or we can go to the Pizzarama (Gus's place in the Safeway plaza).  They have great pizzas, gyro's and Italian cuisine (Gus denies it Italian, he's Greek.)
Ray from beautiful
downtown Gleeson, AZ

From: Jim Paterson

Ray, I thought we discussed lunch last Monday. Our plan was to take some snacking food, drinks and whatever else someone wanted, and then we would decide at the shoot what we wanted to do for lunch. That is our plan anyway.
Do you want me to bring my .38 snubnosed Smith & Wesson? I also have a concealed weapons permit. I also have it loaded with snake shot.
Jim bad.  I don't hear too well when I leave out my teeth.  Use a hearing aid for better sight. I'm part organic.
Drinks are a necessity because of the heat.  And yes, Jim please do bring your weapon so we will be prepared for any creepy crawlers.